Winter Essentials

I thought I was prepared for winter. In Houston we can have freezing days, however they’re often times mixed with very warm days. Could be 35, could be 75. You never know! It’s exciting! In London, the opposite is true, sort of. You know it’ll be cold but it could be rainy and cold, my … More Winter Essentials

Life update, 4 things London needs and positive quotes!

4 Things London Needs It’s nothing Earth shattering and yes I happily live without all the things on this list but it’s the small things I miss the most! Coffee I’ve requested Dunkin Donuts from home so hopefully I am not suffering too long but the coffee here just isn’t the same. Not even Starbucks … More Life update, 4 things London needs and positive quotes!

Summer uniform

Hey y’all! How hot has it been in Texas lately? And yes I complain every year! It’s so hot that ALL you can do outside is lay in water and hope it doesn’t boil. So pretty much this cute black and white look has become my summer uniform! I change out of it to sleep … More Summer uniform

Red, white and blue

It’s July 16 and I’m still all about red(mostly), white and blue. I’ve worn this little patriotic Parker number twice in the same week, which I never do, and I feel like it won’t get old! I can’t wait to wear it again! These sunglasses were a recent Nordstrom Rack, couldn’t live without, purchase 😉 … More Red, white and blue