My name is Micaela. A girl from Texas with one rather large American Dream, but not the one involving a white picket fence. My own American Dream- not just to travel but experience all the world has to offer!

I started this blog in 2015 as a way to inspire my friends and family to get out of their comfort zones!  There’s no one way to do that so this blog has grown from mostly documenting my travels to being a place for me to motivate and encourage my readers by sharing all the aspects of life that I love! 



Who is A?

A is my husband, Aidan. He is the photographer behind almost all the travel photos and rarely lets me get him in some. He isn’t too big on being on my blog so I shorten his name usually.

When are you moving to London?

I have no clue! I am currently awaiting my spousal visa at home in Houston. Every time I hear from UK immigration they have something different to tell me, so I am trying to make the most of my time here by seeing friends and family.

How did you meet your English husband?

We met at a bar in Houston while he was on a work training course. (Duh! He works in Oil and Gas) After 3 weeks in Houston he went home and I shortly followed and spent most of my summer (I am a teacher) traveling with him in Europe. You can read about that here.






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