Trust your gut and do it

As I touched on in this blog post, this past year I HAVE NOT slowed down. Constantly on the go to the next phase of my life. When will I ever slow down? Not anytime soon because…

This was my last year as a primary school teacher, read the PG version of The truth about teaching for more on why. Which sounds, I know, like I’ll be slowing down a lot; there are far too many dreams to chase to be slowing down this soon in life. What will I be doing with my time you ask…

Getting my yoga teacher certification and opening up MY VERY OWN STUDIO in South London. This has been my dream since I started yoga 6 years ago!

I have always said that I will open a studio when I’m 30 but why the hell should I wait. Life is for living and loving and loving your living. There’s never a perfect time so I’m taking the leap in. Nothing worth having is easy, right? So here we go!

P.S. We are going to Bali to get my yoga certification and our much needed honeymoon! At long last 🙂


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