The truth about teaching

Over the weekend we hosted my husband’s 30th, and it got me thinking. We blink and we’re 18, then 21, 30, and before we know it we’re middle aged. Life is too short.

Lately, I’ve been living for the weekend. Dreading Monday’s and counting down the seconds to Friday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching children but I’ve seemed to have lost that spark. Not because of my children but all the other parts of teaching that no one seems to know about. Like the countless hours it takes to plan each lesson or the worry that doesn’t turn off for your “below average” students.

I always get the same response when people find out I’m a teacher, oh you’re so lucky you get so much time off. I say yeah it’s nice. But really it’s more than that. IT IS REQUIRED! We never switch off from work mode. Constantly judging ourselves and worrying that we didn’t do enough.

It’s time we speak up! To our friends, family, head teachers, anyone who’s ever had an education should be reminded how damn hard it is to be a teacher. With that, I am done listening to people tell me how lucky I am. By lucky, if you mean, not shown respect we deserve, not being paid for the effort and care given, being over worked and undervalued. Then yeah, we teachers are really lucky!

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