Celebrating 26

Hey y’all! Today I am celebrating 26 years of life. Instead of worrying about getting another year older I’m taking this day and celebrating the things I am proud to have accomplished in my 26 years!

Being Aunt Micaela

I cannot explain the joy I get hearing those two little words. Watching two little humans grow and grow in their love for me. Awwww it’s just the sweetest! I will cherish the bond I have with my sister’s babies.

Graduated University

I take it for granted. Sometimes I think well me and everyone else, but actually not EVERYONE else continues through university to walk across the stage. (even though technically I didn’t walk) Though the hard times when all I wanted was to work and make money I chose to stay in school to accomplish my dream of becoming the first college graduate of my family!

Being a teacher

Guys I’ve taught now in 2 countries and I have never learned more than I have from my students. Children have such a thirst for learning it’s contagious!


Especially traveling alone. I proved to myself that I can take care of myself . It’s the best way to get street wise.

Started my blog

I pursued my passion and love encouraging others to get out of their comfort zones. Writing has helped me get to know myself on another level.

Became a Mrs

I’ve learned what it’s like to love and be loved as everyone deserves. I know it’s corny but I’ve learned so much sharing my life with someone.

Saved $20k in a year

Before moving to London I wanted a safety net so I sacrificed and saved! There aren’t any secrets to saving money, you just have to want it and work hard to keep your budget!

Moved to London

I picked up and moved my life to a foreign country. I didn’t know anyone except my husband, his family and a few of his friends and their girlfriends. I left the safety of my job, friends, family…

And nothing has ever been more worth it!

Restaurant- Houston Emmaline

Outfit- Details

Restaurant- London The Shard

Outfit- Details

Restaurant- London Sketch

Outfit- Details


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