Spring must haves


This is such a bright and happy color! I don’t know why I haven’t worn it since I was a child. It’s also flattering on all skin tones and hair colors! 

As always, I have linked up my favorites from ALL price points!

Click here then go to yellow “look” to shop

Polka Dot

Another trend I haven’t worn since childhood and I don’t know why! Polka dots are such a simple pattern that go with everything but more fun than a plain dress or shirt. 

Click here then go to polka dot “look” to shop


My love affair with red just keeps growing and this season is no different! It makes me feel sexy and feminine! It’s a step up from the classic and LBD. 

Click here then go to red “look” to shop

Vintage Inspired

This is my favorite trend! I am such a history geek, especially fashion history. These classic cuts have stood the test of time and I am glad they have made it to this generation for us to wear 🙂 

Click here then go to vintage inspired “look” to shop



Click here then go to wedges “look” to shop


I especially love the flat and kitten heel mules! They’re so comfortable and bring a simple outfit up a notch.  

Click here then go to mules “look” to shop

Bamboo bags

I feel like I am on the beach when I carry my bamboo bag! It can bring a summer vibe to even the greyist of cities (AKA London). 

P.S. I have linked the designer brand versions as well as the high street versions. I have the high street version because honestly I can’t tell a bit of difference! 

Click here then go to bamboo bags “look” to shop

Statement earrings

I hate the feeling of chunky necklaces and I get everything stuck to my bracelets when I wear them so this leaves earrings! Accessories can bring so much to any outfit! Here are my favs! 

Click here then go to statement earrings “look” to shop


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