Valentines Solo

Okay so scrolling through my insta I see countless ideas of how to spend Valentines with your man or your gals but what about the married woman whose husband is away for work and all her girlfriends are spending the night with their hunnys? No one talks about spending Valentines Day alone. Which for the last 3 years with my husband that’s exactly what I’ve had to do. I know it sounds pathetic but actually it’s the perfect excuse to give yourself a little TLC.

Treat yourself

Buy yourself a little V-Day present. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry… why do we need someone else to treat us? I for one am so busy taking care of my students, my husband, a long distance relationship with my family and friends, pretty much everyone except myself. Why shouldn’t we be proud of our hard work and give ourselves a little treat?

I actually bought my present last weekend and hoping it comes in time, can’t wait to share it with y’all 😍

Dress for you

I dress up. I don’t do it for my husband, I do it for me! I’ve dressed up my whole life and it makes me happy and confident . So for my solo Valentines of course I dress up! However if you’re into sweatpants and that’s what makes you happy then hell, wear them! This day is yours ❤️

Have a fab meal

Now I know I’m not normally one for cooking BUT this past trip while A was away I have been cooking every night, so I think I’ll take my time and cook myself a dinner. However, normally I’d get a fancy take away. Maybe a nice Thai or Italian 😋

Winter Outfit Inspo

Now I know it’s coming to the end of winter and we all could use a little winter outfit idea! Lord know we’ve all ran through them all by now. I got inspired by Kathleen Barnes’s belted cardigan outfit and decided to create my own look!

Outfit details-


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