Winter Essentials

I thought I was prepared for winter. In Houston we can have freezing days, however they’re often times mixed with very warm days. Could be 35, could be 75. You never know! It’s exciting! In London, the opposite is true, sort of. You know it’ll be cold but it could be rainy and cold, my favorite dry and cold, and my least favorite icy and cold. I didn’t know there were so many options of cold. ❄️ Coming from the option of wearing a coat and gloves or shorts and a tee, I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR WINTER and I was getting so over it until I discover some winter essentials!

Self tanner

I have not been this pale since I was a gymnast that lived inside a gym 40 hours a week. I did a lot of researching because needless to say this was my first time needing a self tanner. St. Tropes kept coming up on every list, it took me 3 weeks of researching before I was finally brave enough to try it. I must say, it did not disappoint! It’s such a pretty color. The directions say 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium and 3 hours for dark. The first time I left it for 3 hours- it did a good coat but I wanted darker. I left it the next week over night and rinsed in the morning- fabulous results. Nearly as dark as a spray tan and such a natural color!

St. Tropez Self Tanner

Maxi dress

I am a dress girl! When I moved to London ‘A’ told me that i’ll never show my legs from November to March. It was such a man thing to say and I don’t know why I paid any attention! I happily wear dresses ALL the time. They’re just long maxi dresses! Still so cute! I usually wear a pair of perfectly matched pantyhose and leggings. (I pull these up to wherever the dress hits so no one can see them) Boom! Dresses in winter 😊😊

Chunky Knits

I LIVE in these. Since I’ve moved I’ve bought about 15 new ones, on sale from TK Maxx of course. Yes it’s actually called that here and yes it’s the same as TJ Maxx except I think the brands are better! Back to the knits, they literally go with everything and keep you nice and toasty!

Boots, booties and more boots

It’s no secret that I love shoes! It’s also no secret that I have tons but this winter I feel like all I’m wearing are my boots and booties. I’ll pick out my outfit and style it with mules or loafers or flats then last minute bundle my feet up in a pair of trusty booties that I know will keep me warm. I’ve warn out just about every pair of boot and bootie I own! There’s just no getting around it. In winter, you wear boots!

Coat options

I moved thinking that I could live on my 2 coats and 2 jackets. (not counting leather ones because they’re really no good at keeping you warm) As usual in regards to winter readiness, I was wrong! Who knew how many different types of coats there are? Wool coats, sheering coats, puffer coats, down coats, the list goes on… I’ve since bought a few more. Here’s what I’m loving!

Favorite- Most worn-

Wish list- This might look like an ordinary camel coat BUT it’s Max Mara and my dream coat!

Shop coats at every budget 👉🏼

Ear muffs, hats, anything to keep ears warm

I discovered this late in Autum. If your ears are covered it’s bearable. If not, you will become cold to the bone! I wear my hair up a lot so I prefer earmuffs or a knitted head band. I buy them in neutral colors so they go with every outfit, that way I have no excuse not to wear them. I don’t find them fashionable on myself BUT you gotta do what you gotta do!

I’d love a message or comment if anyone has cute alternatives to the earmuffs!

Good face and hair care routines

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin and hair since it became regularly cold. Even though we get a lot of rain here it’s still really dry compared to Houston’s 90% humidity. I especially notice how important exfoliating and my facial spray are to the health of my skin during these cold and dry months!

Here’s what I use-

Wash- Cetaphil Facial Cleanser

Spray- Mario Badescu

Serum- Clinique

Eye cream- Clinique

Moisturizer- Clinique

Hair- Leave in conditioner: I use this everyday

Aveda damage remedy: I use this as leave in after I wash my hair (usually 1-2 a week)

Moroccan Oil: I use this every few days when I notice my hair is a bit dry


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