A weekend back in time- Scotland

Before moving to a foreign country I had not been out of the US since summer 2016, due to huge amounts of saving, no holidays off at the same time with my husband, and trying to take in all the US has to offer, SO when ‘A’ told me he wanted to go for a little trip away I couldn’t wait! We looked at all the warm places in Europe and found a fab villa in the Canary Islands! I was so ready for this! Being from South Texas, where we get sun year round, I’ve been vitamin D deprived here in London. Minutes before booking my husband decides he doesn’t actually want to fly anywhere 😩 (he had the worlds longest flight from New Zealand a few days before)

After a bit of pouting, on my part, I decided to embrace the cold and head North to Scotland. It’s a 4.5 hour train ride London to Edinburgh. Perfect since I wasn’t getting ‘A’ on a plane to save my life!

Step 1 to romantic Scottish trip- FIND A CASTLE TO STAY IN

I prefer to stay at privately owned places instead of hotels but sometimes it’s good to have the ease. For this quick and last minute trip we stayed at Dalhousie Castle just outside of Edinburgh. It was perfect! Breakfast included, a dinner at the dungeon restaurant (which was really unique) and a bottle of champagne brought to our room! There was even a spa!


Everywhere you turn there is history to learn!

Step 3- Get outside

A and I love to go for walks and hikes. We always end up spending most of our time just walking about. We could enjoy a walk anywhere but the Scottish forest might just be my favorite place to have a stroll. Ruins, ancient stone bridges, fairy tale trees. Seriously, is there any part of Scotland that isn’t romantic?!


Eat the venison 😋😍

Bring Wellies

Just eat the haggis, DON’T ASK WHAT IT IS! It’s good, I promise.

Meet an old local- My first hour in Scotland and I’d already made friends with an old Scotsman who told me that Houston was Scottish and Livingston was Scottish and who those families were and how they ended up in the US, bonded over our mutual understanding of dealing with the English ;), gave us a private bagpipe concert and made time to tell me the history of the castle we were in!


All the stone buildings in Edinburgh

The little alley ways in Edinburgh

Train ride once you hit the coast, especially once you’ve hit the border

The walks, duh

The venison 😋 Normally not into meat so it’s damn good for me to eat it not once, not twice but all three days we were there!

Shop my Scottish looks👇🏼



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