Life update, 4 things London needs and positive quotes!

4 Things London Needs

It’s nothing Earth shattering and yes I happily live without all the things on this list but it’s the small things I miss the most!


I’ve requested Dunkin Donuts from home so hopefully I am not suffering too long but the coffee here just isn’t the same. Not even Starbucks 🙈 Now I love a good unflavored coffee but where are the seasonal flavors for this time of year!! I’m referring to home brew BTW! 

Coffee creamer

This is ACTUALLY NOT A THING! There isn’t even half and half much less all the flavored choices for your coffee. I got desperate and bought a ready made cold brew that has flavor and put it in my coffee! I’ve even considered making my own, probs going to happen this week! 

Dessert at restaurants 

Well three times now Aidan and I have been having dinner somewhere delicious without the prospect of a decent dessert. Now normal people could just be fine without it but us, once dessert has been mentioned there’s no going back! 

Usually we’d just go to the shop and get some biscuits (thin cookies) to have with our tea but once we managed to go to a bakery. It’s actually really famous and adorable, Peggy Porchen,  however I’d never recommend it. Dry cake for £7, no thanks! Try Hummingbird instead! 


This should be the first thing on my list because I still don’t know how I survive without it! It’s cost effective AND has everything! I literally don’t know why it’s not here!

Life update

These are my favorite outfits I’ve worn so far! Linked 👉🏼 Outfit details
So, many of you know that I moved here October 3. Then 5 days later tragedy struck my family and I had to return home. I’ve now been in London roughly a month, and what a month it’s been!

Getting to know and settling in London has been the most exciting experience of my life! I’ve gotten all the essentials sorted at this point and am moving onto the fun things of moving! Like decorating our house, making friends, finding my favorite stores, learning my way around and lastly finding a job (my offer couldn’t hold out anymore). 

On finding a job

My first day ready to call in for substitute teaching work (no London hasn’t moved onto the much more effecient online system) and I am so excited and nervous about what the day will bring. At this point I’ve told my recruiting company that I won’t travel farther than 30-45 minutes under any circumstances and I was being serious! So on my call the recruiter tells me a school and the area. I asked where it was and I kid you not he said “Do you want the job or not Micaela, I have other calls” so naturally I accept it. Once I get the address I put it in my phone, it’s an hour and a half away!!!! I started crying. Honestly it doesn’t take much these days for me to cry but I was so upset. I was just wishing I didn’t have to go through a middle man and could work directly with the schools. I asked Aidan what I should do and he was so sweet, he told me not to take it and to focus on finding full time positions for January. So I called back and explained it was too far and his response “well someone will want to work”. I was so fed up with the recruiters and I was getting nowhere on my own. I felt so defeated! About a week and a half later I get a call from a different recruiter about a substitute job but the school needed someone long term in January. I wasn’t going to take it but something inside made me! 

The next day I go to the school! It was a really nice commute. One 20 minute train ride on a pretty much empty train! I walk down a park alleyway then onto the most beautiful school grounds! Once I was there a teacher introduced herself and helped me straight away! The head teacher came to help me! Everyone was so warm and welcoming, I’d never been in a school like it! Long story short they asked me back for a week, watched a lesson and here I am a year 3 (7-8 years) teacher at an outstanding school that I LOVE! 

Here are some amazing quotes that help get me by on the tough days!

P.S. Next blog post should be our house, finally!

How many of you have had to work with recruiters? Anyone have any advise on expat living? I love to hear from y’all! 


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