DIY pearl cuffed jeans

Photographer: My sweet sister Reagan 😇

So surfing the web doing a bit of online shopping I came across the cutest pearl cuffed jeans. They were $50 which isn’t so bad but I thought, wait I could totally make these for a fraction of the cost. I had jeans so all I needed was to pick up some pearls and fabric glue. I used Micheal’s 50% off coupon and paid about $5 for both. 

Step by step photos:

Step one- Cuff the jeans to length that suits you.

Step 2- Collect supplies!

Step 3- Start gluing. Place a dot of glue and hold down the pearls until glue dries. 

I love that these jeans cost me $5 and look as fabulous as the ones online! 

Not a DIY-er but loves pearl jeans 👉🏼  Outfit details

What are y’all’s favorite DIY projects? I’d love to hear! 


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