Life update AND shirt dress 3 ways

So many of y’all know that I am moving to London and I have been getting a lot of questions about how that process is going, I guess moving to a new country is exciting or something 😉 So here is a life update AND 3 ways to style a shirt dress!!!

First, yes I am still here sweating in Houston waiting for my visa. I also have ZERO clue when I’ll get it, could be tomorrow or in a month, immigration tells you nothing! I applied for a spousal visa after getting married June 25. People often don’t have an idea about what goes into a visa, MY WHOLE life and A’s WHOLE LIFE LOL I mailed 10lbs. of paper, I know this because the courier was laughing that it was exactly 10lbs and didn’t believe me that it was ALL just PAPER. I suppose it would take awhile to sort through 10lbs. of papers.

I also got a job offer as a year one teacher, lucky for me they have hired a sub in the mean time since school started September 4. I can’t wait to meet my sweet students! Now if I can just get to LONDON!

About our lovely four bedroom house  in my DREAM location, EMPTY at the moment. I am in the H- AKA Houston and A is on a training course in Paris, where I am supposed to join this weekend. Fingers crossed I get my visa approved in time! I would KILL for a romantic weekend in Paris, since…

NO A and I didn’t have time for a honeymoon but never fear we have many weekends away ahead of us and if I get my way 2 weeks in Tahiti in April. My DREAM honeymoon destination!

After this year of hardly seeing each other I cannot wait to spend time with A. That’s obvs what I am looking forward to most about moving to London. We typically spend 7 weeks apart and 2ish weeks together but this summer we have seen each other a total of 3 days, one of which we got married! I know we need some serious honeymoon phase, lovey dovey, couple-y time ASAP. We’re workin’ on it 🙂

So there you have it! My life in a blog post…

P.S. A is my husband, I don’t usually use his full name. Part I’m lazy and part he doesn’t like social media.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or want to hear more! I love hearing from y’all! 🙂

Shirt dress 3 ways:

PHOTOS by Reagan Ashe Photography

Dinner/ Night out-

IMG_0758IMG_0757 (1)IMG_0760IMG_0761IMG_0759

Dress (similar): Zara $35 Amazon $18

Shoes: Gucci $750 Amazon $30 C.G Berlin $100

Clutch: Pre-owned Tory Burch $395 Macys (similar) $40

Earrings (similar): Amazon $30 Amazon $15



Blazer: Nine West $40

Purse: Anne Klein (Preowned) $70  Kate Spade (similar)$180

Earrings: Charming Charlie $8

Shoes: Asos (similar) $14 Nine West $80

Watch: Ted Baker $265

Olivia Burton (similar) $140




Jacket: Burberry $595 J Crew (similar) $170

Shoes: Call it Spring (similar) $40 Amazon (similar) $30

Tote(more fall version): Nordstrom (similar) $40 


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