Summer uniform


Hey y’all! How hot has it been in Texas lately? And yes I complain every year! It’s so hot that ALL you can do outside is lay in water and hope it doesn’t boil. So pretty much this cute black and white look has become my summer uniform! I change out of it to sleep and go to yoga with the occasional appearance in real clothes to go out to eat!


First let’s start with the details. I LOVED my bridal gear so why should I only have used it once?! These bride pieces have become staple accessories in my summer uniform.

Tote: (Similar) Nordstrom Rack $40

Sunglasses: Etsy $15

Earrings: Charming Charlie $8

Cup: I went to the dollar store got a plain tumbler and had a friend’s mom make the sticker! Save where you can!


This swim cover is great for wearing by its self or with shorts to wear away from the pool. These slides are made for the pool life. They’re neutral color makes them perfect for any outfit and they just slide right on!

Swimsuit cover up: (Similar) Amazon $15

Shorts: Lucky brand $70

Shoes: Call it spring $15


This sexy one piece is by far my favorite! I’ve had it since last season and it continues to amaze me with its sexy power. It is so flattering!

Swimsuit: (Similar) Black one piece $45


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