Our beautiful wedding

My dream wedding…

Somewhere in Italy.

Not legal in US or UK. Loads of money spent.


Our real wedding…

Legal in US and UK. Loads of money left to buy our first house.

But more importantly. It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. And not because the dress, flowers, food, cake. But because the love of not only Aidan and I but of our families and everyone involved.

You know what else. We aren’t in debt due to our wedding. In the day of Pinterest and Etsy I feel like we have a need to out do each other with “creativity”. Every detail must be perfect down to the damn confetti being fucking personalized. Like for real, that’s a thing.

Guess what! At the end the results are the same! You’re sharing, well 50% of us are, the rest of your life together. Plus when was the last time you left a wedding thinking “thank god they had a little Mr. and Mrs. on their chairs. It really made the wedding” SINCE NEVER! Do you know what I remember from weddings? Music- could I dance to it. Honestly I don’t even care if the food is good. I just want to have a good time. And 99% of the world is the same. The other 1%… actually who cares about them. This day is all about you and your partner. So 1%-ers can be damned. Enjoy your special day however you choose and don’t let society or anyone else tell you how that day needs to look!

Venue- Rainbow Lodge


I would refer anyone and everyone here. It’s a top Houston restaurant known for delicious wild game and their FABULOUS deck and garden! They were so hospitable and made sure everything ran smoothly. We got married on a Sunday evening which is slow so we were charged $100 ceremony fee and whatever we ate and drank, no minimum required!

Dress- Needle and Thread London

I have always loved fashion and all things girly so this was my favorite part! I’d seen Needle and Thread London designs on a few of my favorite bloggers before we decided to get married. It was love at first sight! I knew they would be the designers of my wedding dress. And the dresses are even more spectacular in person!

Shoes- Jimmy Choo


I saved my first pair of Jimmy Choo shoes for my wedding shoes. I mean I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in Neiman’s trying on all the most amazing shoes but when I put on the Choos, I knew! Besides the food and drinks at the restaurant these were what I spent the most money on and let me tell you, they’re worth every penny! I wore them for ALL my bridal events and plan to wear them many more times!

Hair and makeup


Kendall Wimberly at The Woodlands Hair Elite does my color and she never disappoints. Like literally I don’t know what I’ll do with out her in London. Anyways she was out that weekend so I curled my hair myself and went to Blo blowdry bar for the waterfall braid (cost me $10) and it looked like I’d been in the salon all day!

My makeup I did myself! I feel very proud! I have taken a few makeup lessons and ask tons of questions when getting my make up done so that I know how to do it later. I love the confidence it brings being able to do my own makeup for such a big day! It makes such a difference when you do something yourself. The pros Amelia Martin and Liz Rivera are hosting their like a pro workshop in August! They’re so friendly and truly wonderful. They’ll make you feel like your most beautiful self!

Photography- Hoskins Imaging


My best friend came in clutch volunteering her husband’s services for our special day! Aidan hates getting photos taken so it was really comforting for him that he already knew our photographer. (originally A wanted us to have our family take photos) Our photos were amazing! I am so pleased with them!

Wedding planning- Wimberly Weddings


Do you know my only worry on my wedding day? If I’ll be sobbing too much for everyone to understand my vows. Luckily I nailed them 😉 This was only the case because Wimberly weddings. They set up, got my family organized and told A and I what to do. Laken is even ordained so she married us. Which was the sweetest! Having a wedding? Deal with the fun things and let the ladies at Wimberly Weddings do the rest! You won’t be disappointed!!

P.S. I got the candles and rose petals from the dollar store. Flowers from HEB and arranged them at home. The greenery on our altar 50% off at hobby lobby. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wedding!



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