Out of the comfort zone dates


Everyone always asks me how my boyfriend and I survived considering we live on different continents! I have thought and thought about it and to be honest it’s because we spend a lot of quality time together. Maybe we don’t get to see each other every other day for a date but the time we do get, we make it count! Here are some of my favorite dates we go on that truly help us get to know each other and fall more in love!

Check out your city’s local sites

For example, as I’ve mentioned before Houston has a Hindu temple. I don’t even remember how I found it but I sure did impress Mr. No boring dates, aka my boyfriend. It took a shorter time to explore than anticipated so don’t plan on making a whole day out of it. Wear something that covers your knees but if you forget no worries they have cover ups to save the day! It’s magnificent to see the extravagant work put into creating the temple as well as immersing yourself into another culture’s worship, it’s awe inspiring! If you aren’t as fortunate to live in Houston I am sure your city has plenty of places you haven’t explored yet! Make a fun date out of it and learn a few new things about your city!

Free concerts or shows



Here in Houston we are blessed with year round “summer days!” So it’s perfect for catching an outdoor show. We’ve been to a few but my favorite was the modern dance show we went to at Miller Outdoor Theater. They have free shows every Friday and Saturday; pack a picnic and head outside for some interesting entertainment. The Woodlands also hosts free concerts, although I am not really sure when they are on. I have been in the spring, summer and fall but sometimes when I look they aren’t on. Every city has awesome, or not awesome, free shows. Be sure to check them out!

Bike around town

Aidan, my boyfriend, just got a new bike meaning I got my very own bike so this is a new one for us! Biking around town on a nice day is the perfect way to get around when you have nothing to do. It takes more time, you’re outside, you’re doing something, and it’s just so fun to race along the path! We spend all day just going place to place as we feel. Make no plans- it’s better that way! I always have a set of cards with me because we love to play cards so try to bring some along for the ride.



Okay so funny story with this one. We were out on one of our first few dates when Houston weather does what it does best; it went crazy and started flooding. It wasn’t even raining when we started the date. We spent about 20 minutes in the museum of natural science because it’s my favorite and for some reason we got in FREE! Thank gosh that place was closing because when we got to my car the water was so high I was worried it might go in when we opened our doors. Turns out we made it safe and sound back to his hotel. But long story short, museums can be a unique way to get to know a person or spend a few hours exploring with your love!

Weekend trips

imageThis one is obviously not for everyone, but my friends who feel comfortable enough in their relationship, this is a perfect glimpse into what a person is like behind closed doors or if you are already serious just a different way to enjoy a bit of time away with your lover. We have a hard time here in the states just getting in our cars or on a plane and going somewhere! My advice for you JUST DO IT! If all else fails turn around and go home. At least you’ll have a story to tell! We have been on quite a few weekend trips together, starting from just a few weeks together, and every time we learn more and more about each other!



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