Pacific Beach

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One of my favorite places in the world so far is San Diego; it’s relaxed, sunny and amazingly beachy! Yes, beachy is a word in my vocabulary. There are so many great places to stay around San Diego but this last time I stayed at Pacific Beach. This place took the cake of places to stay in San Diego for me. It’s near Mission beach and La Jolla, shops are mostly walking distance, there is SO much to do for a beach town and it’s all around just a phenomenal vibe. We were there in the height of winter, neither of us are surfers, so we were a bit curious at what we’d be able to do. We were pleased to find that we ran out of time for all we wanted to do…

Rent a bike


We rented our bikes after we did A LOT of walking around so we had gotten familiar with the area a bit… and the SCAMMERS. If you walk slightly past the “main” area of the board walk where the pier is (and bike rentals were up to $30) you’ll see a pink restaurant, just behind it is a shop that offers bike rentals starting at $10. They aren’t the tourist bikes either. Mine was a classic purple cruiser!

Now I hadn’t been on a bike since I was about 12 years old but what they say is true, you never forget how to ride a bike! We sailed past people walking as we stared between the fantastic beach houses and the beautiful beach until we got to Mission Beach. This took no time on the bikes! I highly recommend renting bikes so you can see more!

Walk the board walk BUT don’t forget to go inland


San Diego was the last stop of our Houston-Albuquerque-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas- San Francisco-Monterey Bay- Pismo beach- Venice Beach-San Diego Road trip, so it’s safe to say we were done with the car and ready for some serious walking. Walking the board walk is like most beach board walks, lovely but mostly the same. I decided to walk to yoga, which was inland, and I discovered so much more to Pacific Beach than, the beach. We found a farmers market and spent hours walking through and eating. I also managed to find the BEST thrift shops I’ve ever seen! There are also tons of local restaurants and bars.

Farmers Market


San Diego is the home of the BEST farmers markets! They have local markets every day of the week in a different location. How cool! To go along with the variety of days and places are the options provided. We ate every meal of the day at that farmers market. Do a solid few walk throughs before you start buying though because we kept finding better and better booths. My favorite booth was MUSH’s overnight oats! OH MY GOSH! They were so delicious and she was the sweetest, she even gave us some free yummy muffins. My favorite flavor is the cranberry apple 🙂 TRY IT! Now I loved this vendor but that doesn’t mean any other vendor wasn’t equally as awesome! We bought fresh fruit and veggies (FOR MUCH CHEAPER THAN GROCERY STORE PRICES), the best dang hummus we’ve ever had, and perfect vegan Indian food! I’m sure there’s more but I just don’t remember. Point being, don’t miss out!

Shop their adorable thrift shops


This goes along with the walking because I never would have found these places without just having a wander. Spending two weeks driving through some of the most expensive places in the country put a damper on my shopping abilities but let me tell you. If I could have bought everything from these stores, I would have. The streets were also lined with boutique type shops that were precious from the outside but I not dared to go inside, I’ll save that for next time!

Because trust me there will be a next time!

Chill the heck out, it’s CALI


Aidan and I have a hard time traveling and doing nothing. We are constantly filling our time with hiking, exploring and finding new things to enjoy together. This is okay but sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and do nothing… but…. each other 😉 And there is no better place to just chill out than California! Sit on the beach, pack a picnic & some cards, watch the surfers, relax and enjoy the view!

This whole blogging thing is a learning process for me so each trip and post I learn more. Like ALWAYS take photos. A couple are from google because I totally got lost in the moment! BUT don’t worry I’ve been practicing and studying photography tips from my sister 🙂


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