Road Trip- South West USA

So for those of you that don’t know I have an English boyfriend, more accurately a Londoner, most accurately a non-driver. When we thought up this awesome idea to see most of the South West we were pumped! That was until mid-way between Houston and Albuquerque. Then we fully realized the extent of what we’d gotten ourselves into- me driving 4000 miles and him dealing with me drive 4000 miles. There were a few bumps along the way but nothing our newest destination couldn’t fix…


So before we made it to Albuquerque we had a chance to see Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. It is a Route 66 must see- it’s literally in the middle of a field that smells like cow poo. It’s a pretty cool sight! Just think how many millions of people have spray painted those half buried cadillacs before you. Just don’t forget the spray paint! Otherwise you’ll be the losers like us that didn’t get to spray paint our mark.


This was a stop over town for us so we didn’t get a chance to explore too much other than Old Town Albuquerque. It was nothing too fast paced or crazy but it was a nice relaxing evening. New Mexico is known for its Native American heritage and Albuquerque didn’t disappoint! Sitting out of the shops were people selling all kinds of cool Native American trinkets. We stayed at the Econolodge at Old Town and were able to walk everywhere. There room was clean and spacious, PLUS the free breakfast was the bomb with fresh fruit!



The drive through Arizona is AMAZING! It made the journey worth it in and of itself. Then we get to the Grand Canyon. I was expecting to drive to the edge and just drop into the thing. I wish they had an emoji to describe my face! I’ve seen so many photos of it that I thought it was going to be over rated. NOT AT ALL!


It was the most awe inspiring thing I’ve ever experienced! Nothing can prepare you for its beauty and your jaw will drop. There are tons of trails but we decided to get off the FREE shuttle at the first stop and did the South Kaibab trail. I recommend going down as far as you can manage but unless you plan to camp at the bottom you won’t be making the whole thing, so don’t get your hopes up. Every time we hit a new bend in the path there was a new and spectacular view. Pictures, words, nothing can describe the true beauty of this amazing natural wonder!


We stayed at Best Western just outside the entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park. It was the bomb- $100 a night, hot tub, bowling alley, 2 bars, and a steak restaurant.



We woke up to, apparently, the typical unplanned snowfall at the Grand Canyon. I’m a total baby when it comes to being cold so when I saw the blanket of snow on the ground I knew there was no way we were going to hike! So we decided to head to Vegas a day early. COLOSSAL MISTAKE! Now I can only speak for our experience and the opinion we got from it, but Vegas is so LAME. Needless to say we hit up Vegas because as two over 21ers that hadn’t been, we felt the need to check it off the bucket list and what a perfect opportunity. From the moment we walked into the MGM Grand WE WERE SO LOST! What no one tells you is how truly giant these resorts are. Be prepared for a 20 minute walk up to your room, no I’m not exaggerating!  Vegas the short and sweet- expensive to eat, expensive to drink, expensive to cab, EXPENSIVE. For two people who want to get the most their money can buy we were NOT IMPRESSED (now as I write this I wish we posed with Mckayla Maroney’s not impressed face).


We did manage to go to a famous Vegas club, Hakkasan. After hitting up every bar in the MGM we’d finally had enough *wink wink* to just say who cares about $70 and go. We went to a line we thought was for tickets. We asked a guy if this was the line. He heard Aidan’s accent and took us into his VIP group. We literally asked if we were at the right line and we made friends instantly! So friends, put on your best English accent next time you’re too cheap to actually pay at the club and see what happens. Honestly, the club was awful but take that opinion from someone who hates.. music so loud you can’t hear your neighbor shouting at you, mediocre DJS messing up your jam, crowds so large you can’t move, drinking to “enjoy the night” and not remembering it in the morning. Now I promise, only POSITIVE from here!

Vegas did have two things that are absolute MUST Dos!

HOOVER DAM- it’s super touristy but I swear it’s worth it. Drive over it. Then go walk the bridge. IT’S FREAKIN AWESOME!


RED ROCK CANYON- We found out about this from someone we met at the Grand Canyon who was a Vegas local. This was TOO COOL! We climbed around on rocks for hours. By far the best thing Vegas has to offer!




So this was the COOLEST place we stayed by far. We rented from Airbnb a refurbished sailing yacht! It was romantic, cozy, and just different.


San Fran is a place that we should have allocated more time. We hardly got to see anything! We did go to Muir Woods to see the Red Woods. However, you have to pay to go to that part of the forest so cheapie us didn’t do it, plus I think it’s rotten of the U.S. to have us pay to see our natural beauty! In the end it all turned out perfect. We found this trail that no one was on so it looked like a fantastic idea. Muir Beach Trail-This trail was like a magical forest! I wish I took pictures but of course I was living in the moment so you’ll just have to get out and see it for yourself! I also forgot photos at the Golden Gate- my bad! I did get a picture of us on the trail with a red oak we found. This was one right off the trail sort of hidden. It wasn’t as huge as the ones I’ve seen in photos but it was still by far the largest tree I have ever seen!



Stay tuned for part 2 of our road trip…


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