What’s so bad about a quarter life crisis and my NY resolutions

On the outside I give the idea that I live a perfect life. I even find myself believing the lie I’ve put out to the public. I NEVER disagree with my husband. ALL my days are full of wine, friends and Gucci. I’m living a carefree expat life in London. And my favorite, NEVER HAVE … More What’s so bad about a quarter life crisis and my NY resolutions

First Anniversary

I CANNOT believe it’s been a whole year, what a whirlwind it’s been! In this year life has thrown so much at A and I. As if getting married wasn’t enough of a challenge- we’ve made it through a visa application (VERY STRESSFUL), my sister’s death, me moving country, scratch that, me moving continent, living … More First Anniversary

Celebrating 26

Hey y’all! Today I am celebrating 26 years of life. Instead of worrying about getting another year older I’m taking this day and celebrating the things I am proud to have accomplished in my 26 years! Being Aunt Micaela I cannot explain the joy I get hearing those two little words. Watching two little humans … More Celebrating 26

Spring must haves

Yellow This is such a bright and happy color! I don’t know why I haven’t worn it since I was a child. It’s also flattering on all skin tones and hair colors!  As always, I have linked up my favorites from ALL price points! Click here then go to yellow “look” to shop Polka Dot … More Spring must haves

Valentines Solo

Okay so scrolling through my insta I see countless ideas of how to spend Valentines with your man or your gals but what about the married woman whose husband is away for work and all her girlfriends are spending the night with their hunnys? No one talks about spending Valentines Day alone. Which for the … More Valentines Solo

Winter Essentials

I thought I was prepared for winter. In Houston we can have freezing days, however they’re often times mixed with very warm days. Could be 35, could be 75. You never know! It’s exciting! In London, the opposite is true, sort of. You know it’ll be cold but it could be rainy and cold, my … More Winter Essentials